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Soft Clothing for all Kids

Clothing for children with Tactile Defensiveness,

SPD, ASD, ADHD and other sensitivities


"My shirt hurts”


Do you have to cut tags out of every piece of clothing your child wears?  


Do itchy seams drive them crazy?


Many children are extra-sensitive to the texture and feel of clothing.  Soft is the first line designed with the needs of, and test-run by, children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD,  Tactile defensiveness or other sensitivities.  


We use flat seaming and seamless construction for extra comfort, 100% of the softest combed cotton in specially developed Sensory blends, wide collars, encased elastic waistbands, printed labels (tagless), and much more.


Our goal is to design clothing that can enhance social skills, sensory organization and concentration, by addressing unique sensory needs, and without sacrificing personal style and self expression.


No itchy seams, totally tagless, water based prints, wide soft collars, veggie dyes & more.  





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