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Skinnies - because we are all parents too....

The Sensory Smart Store is run by parents, and the Skinnies brand also stems from a parents'

personal experiences of young members of their own family who suffered the discomfort,

school embarrassment and hassle of having to use traditional and uncomfortable protective

wrappings for their skin sensitivity.


We are delighted to add these Totally seamless base layers, perfect for Sensory Kids &

Adults, to our range.   They are suitable for use as underwear, base layers, or as loungewear.


The seamless technology means garments are ultra-comfortable and light, the perfect

seamless undergarment to cut down on irritation from itchy clothes and tags.


Skinnies are designed to look good and feel great to wear, but with a serious medical

purpose in mind.   Designed and manufactured in the UK from anti-irritant yarn with unique

Seamfree technology, this range of Therapeutic Clothing Products are primarily to help

customers aid recovery from Eczema, Psoriasis and other skin conditions.  


The fact that they have turned out to be successful for those with Sensory Sensitivity was a fantastic bonus!


Skinnies are high quality, robust garments for every day and wear and tear, with a combination of colour,

style and comfort, and also suitable to use with creams and salves.


We are currently stocking the Viscose range in the Sensory Smart Store, but please be aware, all of these garments are also available in SILK.  Email for further information about the silk range.


Please note:

All of Skinnies products are available on prescription for Eczema patients, however, not every GP or Hospital is aware them, so may not be prescribing them. You can ask specifically for these products and here is a leaflet to help you, that you can take to your GP: Download Skinnies Leaflet Here >





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