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The Sensory Smart Online Store is run by Mel Thomsett in the New Forest, Hampshire.


Mel is mum to Archie who was diagnosed with Autism at two years and nine months old.  After reading about Sensory Processing Disorders and visiting an Occupational Therapist, Mel began to realise just how much of the mysterious behaviour Archie was demonstrating was down to sensory processing difficulties.  He wasn't being 'challenging', he was being 'challenged'.  Huge difference.


It put her on a path where she was able to finally help him with many of the under-regulation and over-regulation problems he was having, and, most importantly, she found she was able to begin to understand and anticipate his sensory needs.  However, it remains an ever-evolving journey and the goalposts move frequently!  


Archie insisted on having all the labels cut out of his clothing, and soft seams and could only tolerate certain fabrics.  Socks used to drive him wild, to the point where he lived barefoot for a few years.  Hence the inspiration for starting this online store, to bring solutions to anyone trying to navigate family life with a sensory processing disorder in the mix!!  


Over time we have responded to customer requests and added new products according to demand, and now we are stocking all sorts of products to help all sorts of sensitivities, conditions and sensory needs.


If it involves being comfy and calm, we like!  The evolution of the store is reflecting our unfolding journey....





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